Horchata Truths

Ruth Torres (Ruthintruth )is a Mexican-American artist based in Los Angeles whose focus is retelling narratives about fat bodies, pleasure, and undoing shame. Inspired by Adrianne Maree Brown's “ Pleasure activism” The politics of feeling good, Torres embarks on a visual journey of culture and pleasure. With a background in Sociology, Her objective is to retell narratives surrounding sensuality and reclaiming pleasure. Horchata Truth is a narrative of quenching your thirst in the desert that we all often may find ourselves stranded in internally is a symbolism of obstacles and internal challenges. When we arrive at a place of r

efreshment Horchata is the symbolism of what pleasure is. Refreshing, comforting, and satisfied.

Pleasure is a normal function we get to experience through our human experiences. This piece was made for individuals who struggle with loving their bodies.

Fat bodies continue to be marginalized and ostracized. In a time of body positivity, Ruth Torres wants to make a difference in the fine arts. Along with many other artists, the next generation must see an example of fat bodies and pleasure being at the center of storytelling. Torres wants to continue to advocate and be an active example for developing artists. She believes in excellence and is an example of brown narratives taking the space and setting a new bar in the fine arts world. Visuals are the new language of our generation. Art is the language that often can not be put in words; rich imagery can create a new dialogue that we are in charge of passing on. The same way Horachata has been passed to us for hundreds of years.

Originated from North Africa, Kunnu Aya, or Tiger Nuts is the origin of Horchata. There is a common misconception that it came from Mexico but this drink has evolved throughout history. In Spain, the Horchata de Chufa came from the Moors in the 16th century. This drink has taken different forms and has evolved through different continents and cultures To name a few,Horchata de arroz, Horchata de ajonjolí, Horchata de melón, Semilla de jicaro, Ecuadorian horchata, Horchata con nuez ect. All of these are different but produce joy across the board demonstrating the power of pleasure. Much like Horchata, Pleasure delivers itself through cultures and extends its richness through history and cultures. The history of horchata highlights how food can integrate and become a vital part of a culture's identity and the Unity it brings. The origins take different shapes and different modifications but its essence stands through you and me.

Ruth Torres Mission is to be in accord and retell the truth; “I too am a part of the larger story of the arts". Perspective is crucial because to often another side of the story is forgotten. There are fragments ready to be retold due

To the erasure of creativity and high institutionalized systems, Torres is here to pave the next. The next images will go on to tell new stories for the future of humanity and sexuality. “ I want my artistry to transcend in ways I won't be able to see. I am part of something bigger and my contribution on this earth is to take responsibility and re-write history, her story, my story our story but most importantly your story.” Her vision is for that young creative out there to see a mirror reflection of the possibilities the arts can offer. That we can take up space in all areas

Historically, in the fine arts, but most importantly in our communities, in the way, we do everyday life that is where the real work is being done. All great changes begin internally they begin with you. Let's walk towards retelling our stories and set the tone for pleasure and history.

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