Flesh Tone

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

“Flesh Tone” is rooted in the internal scars left by biblical scripture and ultimately aims to liberate the body. The scripture used in the project is Old Castilian Spanish because my first language is Spanish. The images are meant to evoke a sense of peeling off the scabs of scripture. In a sharp divergence from the Evangelical view of the body, being in the flesh is not inherently a sin. This work is also a deep dive into spirituality through a celebration of fat bodies of color. My passion is to normalize fat folks as being part of the construction of beauty and to provoke the cultural norm that flesh tone equals light skin. Flesh tone is not a color; it is a texture, a history, a culture, a people. Unfortunately fat bodies are constantly terrorized by popular culture and media. Scripture, such as Proverbs 4:24, and religious culture in general only add to this terrorization. You see the specific scriptures that were used during my upbringing as a weapon against my queer, fat body of color. These scriptures reinforced the idea that desire for the flesh was not from God, and that as a woman my highest value was both my virginity and my physicality. In my adulthood, I’ve found there is a thin line between being empowered by these scriptures and at the same time allowing them to terrorize my body. Words, especially Biblical ones, under the wrong context cause damage. As a followup to “Tainted Truth,” “Flesh Tone” embarks on a journey of self acceptance and stepping into a holistic view of truth

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